Wrath of the Dragon - Best movie?

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Wrath of the Dragon - Best movie? Empty Wrath of the Dragon - Best movie?

Post  Ussj Future Trunks on Thu Oct 28, 2010 4:32 am

an actual story, all the saiyans fighting as a group, a badass giant monster (he cant even regenerate but he still beasts everyone), very few plot holes (i can explain the power level thing and the sword thing easily), focus on someone other than goku or gohan (at least till the end), a new badass heroic character, intruiging and deep backstory (something not seen much in dbz), not conformed to all the cliches the others suffer from for the most part (apart from bio broly and history of trunks). bio brolys underrated but i like this one the best Smile even if they dont last long, vegeta, gohan and gotenks all get good shots in. most of the time anyone but goku is completely helpless and useless.
Ussj Future Trunks
Ussj Future Trunks

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Wrath of the Dragon - Best movie? Empty Re: Wrath of the Dragon - Best movie?

Post  crippknottick on Sun Nov 28, 2010 6:01 pm

This is my favorite movie as well. The quality of the art is at it's best in the movie, and the intro seemed more movie like than previous movies that just seemed like hour long episodes.

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