Favourite character?

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Favourite character? Empty Favourite character?

Post  LunchPolice on Sun Jul 04, 2010 6:46 pm

Who's your favourite character(s) and why?

My favourite characters would be:

Yamcha - Because of Dragon Ball, basically. He doesn't do very much in Z/Kai.
Piccolo - He's a cool character, and manages to stay important for most of the series.
Frieza - he was a great villan. I liked his Japanese voice.
Future Trunks - ... ok I can't be bothered typing reasons anymore.

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Favourite character? Empty Re: Favourite character?

Post  Ussj Future Trunks on Sun Jul 04, 2010 10:16 pm

bra - princess of all saiyans! especially in DBM Very Happy
cooler - cool, suave, smooth and has badass final forms and meta forms Twisted Evil
goku - the hero xD plus ssj3 is badass and genki dama is cool
uub - strongest human on earth plus the reincarnation of the toughest villain (somewhat wasted in gt)
krillin - funny and brave. who else charged super buu with no hope of winning to save his family?
hirudegarn - biggest monster in db. interesting backstory. beat ultimate gohan in one hit Cool

many others
Ussj Future Trunks
Ussj Future Trunks

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