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Post  allofbanan on Sat Jan 14, 2012 2:41 pm

would like to invite you to play "Space Warriors"



Browser game Space Warrior is developed by COMPER. It involves the hammering of levels, coaching, learning and even competition between the other players. In the game, quests are also available straight from the anime Akira Toriyama, "Dragon Ball" and more. We offer great fun, because you can really be screwed. There are clans, where he and his companions one can speak in the Shout box. There is also general SB where everyone talking. The game is just developing, so a fugitive of time, there will be more locations, monsters, and there are other great things. For now, the possibilities are these:
- Move around the map, ie combat, quests, and other
- Fight monsters (PvM)
- Developing the form of eg the acquisition of higher levels of knowledge
- You can train. The higher level of experience, the training is more effective
- Perform tasks assigned to us by the NPC
- Learning the basics of combat, defense
- Duels against the player (PVP)
- Perform techniques straight from the Dragon Ball (Kamehameha)
- Every Sunday from 22:00 to 23:00 in the game there is a full moon. What it gives us? Our statistics, which can be increased through training and knowledge to grow or how you were x10 10 u (units) then you have 100 u
- We can chase the bandits wanted (Wanted) and by killing him you get EXP
- You can collect the Dragon balls. After collecting their prize they get the user choose the course they are limited.
- There are also a system of action points. One move on the map costs 1 point, 5 points battle. AP regenerate every hour.
-Collecting the dragon balls and a smaller dragon ball - for every seven of them we can terminate the wish that you can get bonuses for collecting the dragon balls - point statistics (u), exp, symbols, point AP
-Twice a month (the 3rd and the 18th day of the month) are organized tournaments for which we can get really interesting prizes

my nick name: ShiDex

check and judge it yourself: D


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