SandLand (one shot drawn by Toriyama) (with scan)

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SandLand (one shot drawn by Toriyama) (with scan) Empty SandLand (one shot drawn by Toriyama) (with scan)

Post  VegetaSSJ3 on Tue Jan 03, 2012 10:48 am

I just found the scan in English of SandLand (the one shot drawn by Toriyama with Beelzebub as main character):

The final fight is here:
As we can see, the begin of the fight is pretty one sided (exactly like versus Piccolo in DBM) and then he use his true strenght and win.

And here you can see it when he absorbs the dark power :
Indeed it is rather a dark power of the night than the power of the moon (however, we can imagine that this power is tronger at full moon, but that is only speculation from me).

And yep, his father, who is also the king of the demon, really look likes Dabra (we can guess that it is him in an different dimension, but slightly older):
Edit: yes, it is probably Dabura in the futur, because we can see that the story happens in the futur: (it is the playstation 6).

By the way, it is an awesome one shot Smile

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