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Post  p123 on Sat Sep 11, 2010 2:30 pm

Saiyan Saga Part 1

Roshi 139
Yamcha 177
Krillen 206
Tien 250

~ Weights 322
~ Full Power 408

~Weights 334
~Full Power 416

Raditz 1,250

~Rage1 710
~Rage2 1,307

Saiyan Saga Part 2

Saibamen 1,200

Yamcha 1,300
Krillen 1,463
Tien 1,570
Piccolo 1,830

Nappa 8,000

~Initial 5,000
~FullPower 8,060
~Kaioken 16,120
~KKx3 24,180
~KKx4 32,240

Vegeta 18,000
~Oozaru 180,000

Freeza's Henchmen

Namekians 1,000
~Full Power 3,000

Kiwi 18,000
Dodoria 20,000
Zarbon 22,000
~Transformed 28,000

Vegeta 24,000
~Zenkai 29,995

Ginyu Force

Guldo 10,000

Krillen 13,000
Gohan 14,000

Reecome 46,000
Burter 46,000
Jeice 46,000

Vegeta 29,995
~Zenkai 60,000

Ginyu 120,000

Goku 90,000
~Kaioken 180,000

Freeza Saga

Nail 42,000

~ Initial 300,000
~ Nail Fusion W/w 1,250,000
~ Nail Fusion 1,500,000

Gohan 275,000
~Rage 1,000,000
~Zenkai 450,000
~Rage 1,800,000

Vegeta 475,000
~Zenkai 2,400,000

~ 3rd Suppression 530,000
~Initial 2nd 1,060,000
~Power Up 2nd 1,200,000
~ 2nd Suppression 1,400,000
~ 1st Suppression 2,250,000
~ Initial True Form 3,300,000
~ 50% 70,000,000
~ 100% 140,000,000

Goku 3,000,000
~KKx10 30,000,000
~KKx20 60,000,000
~SSJ 150,000,000

Mecha Freeza Saga

Piccolo 2,500,000
Vegeta 2,750,000

King Cold
~ Full Power 100,000,000

Trunks 3,100,000
~SSJ 155,000,000

Mecha Freeza
~ Initial 100,000,000
~FullPower(NotShown) 160,000,000

Goku 3,500,000
~SSJ 175,000,000

Andriods Saga

Gohan 2,000,000

Tien 8,000,000

Andriod 20 170,000,000
~Post 185,000,000

Andriod 19 160,000,000
~Post 250,000,000

Trunks 5,500,000
~SSJ 275,000,000

Goku 6,300,000
~SSJ 315,000,000

Vegeta 6,400,000
~SSJ 320,000,000

Cyborg 18 400,000,000

Cyborg 17 420,000,000

Piccolo 210,000,000
~Kami Fusion W/w 390,000,000
~Kami Fusion 420,000,000

Andriod 16 520,000,000

Imperfect Cell 350,000,000
~Post Absorbtion 520,000,000

Future Andriods Saga

Future Gohan 2,900,000
~ SSJ 145,000,000

Cyborg 18 285,000,000

Cyborg 17 300,000,000

Imperfect Cell 520,000,000

Cell Saga

Vegeta 90,000,000
~SSJ 900,000,000
~USSJ 1,800,000,000

Semi Cell
~ Initial 940,000,000
~ Full Power 1,300,000,000
~ Initial PC 1,700,000,000
~ Perfect Cell 2,500,000,000

Trunks 80,000,000
~SSJ 800,000,000
~USSJ 1,600,000,000
~USSJ2 3,200,000,000

Cell Games

Piccolo 840,000,000

Cell Juniors 3,750,000,000

Trunks 375,000,000
~SSJ 3,750,000,000

Vegeta 375,000,000
~SSJ 3,750,000,000

Goku 1,000,000,000
~50% SSJ 2,500,000,000
~ SSJ 5,000,000,000

Perfect Cell
~ Suppressed 2,500,000,000
~ Powered Up 6,000,000,000
~ Full Power 10,000,000,000
~ Super Perfect 17,000,000,000

Gohan 1,200,000,000
~SSJ 6,000,000,000
~SSJ2 18,000,000,000

Buu Saga Part 1

Kibito 96,000,000

Piccolo 840,000,000

Yakon 1,000,000,000

Goten 144,000,000
~SSJ 1,440,000,000

Trunks 150,000,000
~SSJ 1,500,000,000

Kaioshin 4,000,000,000

Dabura 4,666,666,666

Gohan 900,000,000
~SSJ 4,500,000,000
~SSJ2 13,500,000,000

Vegeta 1,100,000,000
~SSJ 5,500,000,000
~SSJ2 16,500,000,000

~ SSJ2 Burst 17,500,000,000

Buu Saga Part 2

Majin Vegeta 1,400,000,000
~SSJ 7,000,000,000
~SSJ2 21,000,000,000

Fat Buu
~ Initial 4,400,000,000
~ Power Up1 14,500,000,000
~ Power Up2 19,500,000,000
~ Good 30,000,000,000
~ Evil 40,000,000,000
~ Full Power 70,000,000,000

Gotenks 18,000,000,000
~ SSJ 90,000,000,000

~Post Z Sword 1,800,000,000
~ SSJ 9,000,000,000
~ SSJ2 27,000,000,000

Buu Saga Part 2

Goten 800,000,000
~SSJ 4,000,000,000

Trunks 800,000,000
~SSJ 4,000,000,000

Gotenks 100,000,000,000
~SSJ 250,000,000,000
~SSJ2 375,000,000,000
~SSJ3 750,000,000,000

Ultimate Gohan 1,250,000,000,000

Super Buu 750,000,000,000
~Buff 1,000,000,000,000
~Buutenks 1,500,000,000,000
~Buuhan 2,000,000,000,000

Vegetto 1,750,000,000,000
~SSJ 4,375,000,000,000

Buu Saga Part 3

KibitoShin 16,000,000,000

Vegeta 1,400,000,000
~SSJ 7,000,000,000
~SSJ2 21,000,000,000

Mr. Buu 30,000,000,000

Goku 1,400,000,000
~SSJ 7,000,000,000
~SSJ2 21,000,000,000
~SSJ3 84,000,000,000

Majin Buu 100,000,000,000


Turles 30,000
~Post Fruit 400,000

~ Post Zenkai Base 15,000,000
~ KKx10 150,000,000
~ KKx20 300,000,000
~ SSJ 750,000,000

Olibu 880,000,000

Cooler 140,000,000
~Final Form 470,000,000
~MetaCooler 900,000,000
~MetaPost 1,000,000,000

~Weights 960,000,000
~Full Power 5,260,000,000

~ Initial 6,500,000,000
~ Transformed 9,500,000,000

Broly 620,000,000
~WeakenedSSJ(10) 1,250,000,000
~RestrictedSSJ(Cool 5,350,000,000
~UnrestrictedSSJ(Cool 5,700,000,000
~Legendary SSJ(8,10) 17,100,000,000

Super Janemba 200,000,000,000

Gogeta 175,000,000,000
~SSJ 437,500,000,000


Broly 7,000,000,000
~FPSSJ 30,000,000,000
~SSJ2 90,000,000,000
~SSJ3 270,000,000,000
~LSSJ 810,000,000,000

Gogeta 175,000,000,000
~SSJ 437,500,000,000
~SSJ2 656,250,000,000
~SSJ3 1,312,500,000,000

Gokan 1,425,000,000,000
~SSJ 3,562,500,000,000
~SSJ2 5,343,750,000,000
~SSJ3 10,687,500,000,000

Vegetto 1,750,000,000,000
~SSJ 4,375,000,000,000
~SSJ2 6,562,500,000,000
~SSJ3 13,125,000,000,000

Here are some of the rules and theories I go by.

The 6 Golden Rules

1) Always assume full power. Unless otherwise noted they are always at full power.

2) Statements are true. Unless otherwise contradicted always believe the character regardless of how you feel about the character. Always believe the statements!AT is the author. The characters are just his tools to tell the story. So unless otherwise contradicted it is always true regardless of who says it! No matter how crazy the statment is it is true unless contradicted!

3) Varying levels of seriousness is just as important as power. You can be alot stronger than someone yet you are not serious and you can fight them evenly. Or you are frustrated or anything can effect a fight. The fight is not the end all be all. Generally we learn if a fight was legit or not later in the story. Whatever they say is true. If the fight is super close and then later we are lead to believe someone was holding back it is true ! Statements > Fights unless statements are contradicted.

4) Base/Transformation Correlation. All saiyans use the same multipliers! If someone's SSJ2 is stronger than another's their Base/SSJ are always stronger as well. Everything correlates and moves together. The SSJ multiplier may change but you will never see someone on an even plane of power and not be able to be on that same plane in other forms.

5) The art is never wrong! AT was very precise on this and you will never see someone with the wrong aura. It just doesn't happen. At least not in the manga.

6) Power up are always noted! If not directly it is indirectly. If you are not noted to have powered up then you did not increase your power. Same to be said on the reverse. Decreases in Power are always noted! I am talking Kid to Teen Gohan kind of decreases. If Piccolo isn't noted to be stronger or weaker in the Buu arc then he is the same as he was during the Cell Games!


Untrained SSJ = Basex50
Trained SSJ = Basex10
FullyTrainedSSJ = Basex5


SSJ2 = SSJx3
SSJ3 = SSJ2x4

LSSJ = Highest SSJ level x3


Base is a Saiyans normal power. All fusions are based off of the multiplication of Base.

Take two people who fit the requirements. Take their full power ( base for saiyans ).

A = 120
B = 100

A must come down to B. Now that A is down to B it is as if two Bs are fusing. The leftover power from A is gone and cannot be used for fusion.

A = 100
B = 100

Then Add these two together.

A + B = C

You have created a new person now.

C = 200 ( x fusion multiplier = 62.5 )

C = 12,500

Yes Fusion is an enormous power up. Note: If you are not using the same multipliers as I am for SSJ and fusion ssj boosts the multiplier I am using for Fusion will not work for you. The formula should work however you would just have to adjust my multiplier to fit your numbers. This is for people who are strict SEG people.

Ok now on to the next step of fusion.

With Saiyans we have created a new Saiyan who may be able to transform. Like I said earlier we only account Base for Saiyan fusion since that is their true power. Their transformations are just add ons. Which is exactly what we do for fusion saiyans as well.

However because you receive such a large boost doing the fusion it comes at a price. Your transformation boost are not cut in half.

For instance

UnTrained SSJs Fusion = 25x boost
Trained SSJs Fusion = 5x boost
Fully Trained SSJs Fusion = 2.5x boost

Also this works for the higher multipliers

SSJ2 Fusion Boost = 1.5x
SSJ3 Fusion Boost = 2

Rules :

You cannot access higher forms in a fusion unless you have fully trained your SSJ. So Goten and Trunks have to be FPSSJ Post Rosat because they achieved higher forms than SSJ.

Potara :

Potara oddly enough basically works exactly the same way.
However we see that sometimes we have fighters with huge variances in power. Still the formula stays the same.

A = 100
B = 1

Then A comes down to 1. Note A doesn't actually have to do this the fusion itself takes care of adjusting others power.

So now...

A = 1
B = 1

They now have created C who equals 2 now. Multiply by the same fusion multiplier as before ( 62.5 )

And now you have

C = 62.5

Now remember what happened with regular fusion? The leftover power is not used and cannot be accounted for. However with Potara not only do you get to use that power you can use the higher person's full power as well.

So now

Normal Fusion would have left you with

C = 62.5

Under Potara you can now add the higher power's full power.

C = 62.5 + A = 100

Now making Potara C > Fusion C And making Potara worthwhile since Fusion C is actually weaker than the fighter A's full power.

Potara C ( 162.5 )> A ( 100 ) > Fusion C (62.5)

Potara works the same regardless of power discrepancies.

For instance if

A = 100
B = 100

Fuse Under Regular Fusion you get

C= 12,500

But under Potara you get

C= 13,500

So not much of an increase but Potara is definiltey the superior form regardless of power level.


Imperfect Cell + 17 = Initial Semi Cell
Semi Cell Full Power + 18 = Initial PC

Note this is the PC that gives out a fake readout of his ki which Andriod 16 notes. So PC is actually much stronger but I theorize that he was outputting what others would assume he would increase.

Super > Kid > Fat > Evil > Good

There are many other theories revolving around Buu. There are plausible options on both sides. This can be said about nearly every debatable topic. If you take the statements for face value this is true. The only way to get around this is to come up with some complex scenario that can manipulate certain windows allowing you to plausibly debate it. Look if it takes more than a sentence to explain who is stronger you are probably wrong.

A > B > C Rule

A= 4
B= 2
C= 1

Generally when we see a fighter dominate someone ( Fighter B dominate fighter C ) and then that same fighter get dominated ( Fighter A dominates B ) It is generally the same distancing apart. Not as strict as a rule in the rule guide but one of my personal feelings.

95-100% This is generally the range you have to be in to compete with someone who is going full force at you. Obviously varying levels of seriousness and effort play a factor. But full on hardcore trying to kill you this is how close you have to be to make it competitive. Give or take a couple percent for differing scenarios. I have some guys at 94% fighting nearly even with someone. But this is just a generalization

90-95% Varying levels of competitiveness. Some in this range can compete fairly evenly and on the bottom at 90% or even higher you can get dominated quickly.

85-90% This is true dominance. You willy not be able to do much at this type of disadvanatage. However varying levels of survivability are prevalant here. You might be able to take a whooping but be able to stand. You are dominated but not super easily destroyed.

80-85% Now were talking major damage and complete dominance. You have enough power to escape catch guys off guard and hurt them or basically any window of oppurtunity is still a chance for you. However you can get destroyed rather easily here. Basically no chance of seriously competitng.

70-80% This is the general several shots to one shot range. And no one shot does not mean being killed by an amplified attack. This is the general range where you hit somebody and they aren't damaged much or at all. Think USSJ Vegeta vs Perfect Cell Suppressed kick to the neck. PC is moved a little but hardly any damage if at all. Varying levels of course but this is a general range where only a few well placed shots can put you down for a while or down for good. Serious big time damage here.

Tien's Shin Kikoho is a 100x multiplier. Tien uses Kaioken x20 like properties that allow him to amplify and only amplify this blast. He cannot power up his body or anything. Trained specifically for this blast. Kikoho is roughly 5x amplified normally.

Piccolo increases by Nail by 5 times. Piccolo increases with Kami by 2x.

Broly is the Legendary Saiyan. He is above all saiyans. If he went through the same training Goku/Vegeta/Gohan did he would dwarf them all. It's not just his form. The form is super special as well. It multiplies off of SSJ. But if Broly had SSJ2 he would be able to transform into LSSJ off of that. Same with SSJ3. So in a sense LSSJ can kind of be like his SSJ4 if he had all three. His potential already far exceeds the other saiyans who really aren't rivaled by too many in the universe. To have an extra transformation to boot he severely outclass all saiyans. Broly is crazy though. And will never train. But the point is if he did and did similar things like the heroes did he would be uber more powerful then them. Ultimate Gohan would have nothing on Ultimate Broly.Broly's LSSJ form continously rises in ki. Keeping him at full ki and full health through and through. Transforming LSSJ in Movie 10 heals his Base/SSJ and restores it to it's true power. So whenever Broly transforms into LSSJ he will always be at his true full power. LSSJ Broly in Movie 10 is just as strong as Movie 8 even though Movie 10s SSJ is much much weaker.

Gohan is a SSJ against Dabura! Goku's vague statement is taken way too literally. All of the issues surronding him make sense if you take things for face value.


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Umm you do realize this is the Dragonball thread and not the DBZ thread.

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P123 Power Level List Doublefacepalm

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You do realize you have Piccolo going from under 2k durring the Nappa fight, then after running SW for 6 months and training with King Kai for 6 days he gets boosted to 300,000. Your stupid.


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